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We offer the following products and services:

Near Infrared Sauna

“If you ask a cancer patient when they last had fever, they usually cant remember”  Dr. Rau Paracelsius



The body needs to produce adequate heat and energy to maintain health at all levels.  


Healing the body and ridding it of imbalances and toxins through raising body temperature - hyperthermia, whereby profuse sweating is induced, is one of the most ancient natural healing practices.  It continues to be used as an integral part of body health maintenance in many countries and cultures worldwide.  And in recent times, as an increasing number of people have become disenchanted with contemporary medical treatments and its use of copious amounts of pharmaceuticals and are turning to natural forms of healing, this ancient and effective treatment is rapidly gaining interest and popularity.

The Near InfraRed Light Sauna is today considered to be the most cost effective, the safest, easiest to use and the least toxic to the body.


Near infrared wavelengths are an antioxidant nutrient, they activate the cells, support metabolic processes and decouple toxins from water molecules.   Near infrared is helpful for wound healing and cellular regeneration as well.


Compared to other saunas, the near infrared lamp penetrates deepest.  This is due to the fact that the heat source is concentrated onto a small area, and less so because of the frequencies of the energy used.  Although the rays may penetrate up to three inches or so, the ambiance temperature remains coolest when compared to the remaining types of saunas in use today.


The Near InfraRed Light Sauna uses incandescent infrared heat lamps which emit mainly near infrared, some middle infrared and perhaps a tiny amount of far infrared energy.  While traditional saunas require high temperatures for copious sweating, infrared penetrates the skin and heats from the inside, as well as from outside.  This means that although the ambiance temperature remains cooler, the body temperature rises, prompting sweating at a lower, more comfortable temperature.  While some people enjoy the intense heat of a traditional steam sauna, many find the heat difficult to tolerate, especially when feeling unwell.


This type of sauna also provides warming and stimulating color therapy. The lights emit a small amount of red, orange and yellow visible light. These particular frequencies draw energy downward in the body and can assist the digestive and eliminative organs to some degree.



Nutritional Balancing Supplements

Achieving optimal results on a Nutritional Balancing Programme is dependant on taking quality supplements, designed to correct the different biochemical imbalances,as those produced by Endomet Labs.  Our Nutritional Balancing Programme is based on the original supplements as recommended by Dr Lawrence Wilson and we aim to have in stock most Endomet products.



The following Tissue Hair Mineral Analysis options provide you with a fully​ graphed analysis and are the starting point of a Nutritional  Balancing and Development Programme.

Option 1. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab Graph and Laboratory Mineral Assay Graph & Lab Interpretation Booklet

With this Option, a chart is provided with test results for macro and micro minerals, toxic metals and significant ratio.  Also included is the Lab's interpretation booklet.  This basic Multi-Element Laboratory Assay provides the individual with graphically illustrated test results.  No interpretation or personal progress support is provided with this profile.


Option 2. Nutritional Balancing Programme with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab Graph and personal support   

T​his Option provides the complete Multi-Element Laboratory Assay and Lab interpretation booklet provided in Option 1, as well Dr L Wilson's and his team's programme recommendations based on the individual's results.   


Option 3. Full Nutritional Balancing Programme with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab Graph and personal support  

T​his Option provides the complete Multi-Element Laboratory Assay provided in Option 1, as well my report based on the individual's results which will have previously been reviewed with Dr L Wilson and his team.   As in Option 2, the report also reviews significant mineral levels and ratios, providing pertinent information related to the patient's metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, immune system, glandular activity, autonomic balance, metabolic trends, basic dietary guidelines and a complete dietary supplement programme recommended personally by Dr L Wilson and based on the individual's results. This option also provides a 30 minute phone consultation and 1 hour email support whilst on the programme.


Weekly Group Meditation   

This Group Meditation in our London clinic is designed specifically for individual's who are on a Nutritional Balancing/Development Programme, and who may also be following other healing modalities with me.  It offers an opportunity for individuals to exchange experiences with others on the programme, as well as to experience deep meditative states which assist in all aspects of healing.  

I also offer the following services:

One to One in person consultation

Life coaching and counselling

Shamanic healing

​Phone consultations

For more information on our services, please call or contact us.


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