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Development Programme and Nutritional Balancing Science

"The basis for an exciting new way to heal mankind's physical and mental illnesses."  Dr L. Wilson

What is Nutritional Balancing Science?

How does it work?

What is a Development and Nutritional Balancing Programme?

How can it help me?
What is Nutritional Balancing Science?


It is a total healing system: Nutritional Balancing Science includes elements of Western medical science as well as many principles of Eastern healing sciences.  It makes use of the principles of modern physics and modern engineering, including General Systems Theory.  It is a functional and restorative approach to healing, and its ultimate goal is to provide the individual with an energetically strong and stable life force.

The basic modalities used in Nutritional Balancing


There is a huge difference in how we experience ourselves and our life in this world depending on our energy level.  When we have energy, being ourself comes naturally.  This includes our physical, emotional and spiritual self. People with high energy levels abound with good health, vitality and passion for life.  When a person's energy levels are low, she or he may feel depressed, have poor self-esteem and be lacking in excitement and vitality. Even our ability to feel and demonstrate love is affected by our energy levels. In the world today, it is uncommon to find an individual who is truly nourished in this way.

Most people are exposed to constant stress, be it environmental, dietary, emotional or chemical. We are bombarded with chemicals and toxins, heavy metal pollution and contamination.  The soil and all produce grown on it are both depleted of essential nutrients; large parts of the globe do not have sufficient food and clean water, yet in many developed countries our whole understanding of nutrition remains somewhat askew.   Poor diet, chronic stress, microbes, toxins, and allergens, all "wash over" our DNA and cause changes in our gene expression, turning off or on different genes and messages that affect our metabolism.  When under stress, the body does not detoxify effectively.  If the stress continues for any length of time, the toxins in the body start building up. Unless the body is brought back into balance and begins to eliminate these toxins, they start to interfere with its functioning, and soon a diseased state occurs.

Oxidation Rate

Stress Theory of Disease

Adrenal Health

Thyroid Health


How does it work?


Nutritional balancing requires a particular set of approaches to adjust the underlying imbalances within the system. These comprise mainly of a diet based on your metabolic type, the proper amount and type of drinking water and about 8 carefully targeted nutritional supplements. There are also several detoxification procedures that may be advised before commencing the balancing programme. Near Infrared lamp sauna (but not other types of sauna) and coffee enema are the principle and most effective methods for detoxification in this therapy, although other procedures such as foot reflexology and spinal correction can be effectively employed. The proper combination of the components of a programme must be maintained and adhered to, as, if any part is ignored, altered or added to, the effectiveness of the rebalance will be reduced.​

The changes in the body's mineral makeup are mainly brought about by modifications in diet, with supplements where needed, and lifestyle. Supplementation is determined on the correct interpretation of a mineral analysis, using a hair sample. Hair is a convenient bioptic material for assessment as it is easily and painlessly obtained and is often the best representative of the underlying mineral and toxicological meakup in the body. Hair reveals some toxins present in the body, or recently so, that other tissue biopsies do not detect. This is because it is a suitable location for depositing and eliminating poisons as it is not otherwise involved in the critical functionality of the body. Progress may be monitored by follow up tests every 3 to 6 months and where necessary adjustments may be implemented.​

What is a Development and Nutritional Balancing Programme?


A Nutritional Balancing programme is designed to bring the body into dynamic equilibrium. Nutritional Balancing honours the fact that we are all individuals with our own unique metabolic blueprint. It involves a different paradigm than traditional medicine. Standard medical treatment is based on the naming of a disease or a condition whereby a remedy or treatment is then prescribed. With Nutritional Balancing, the naming of the condition is not as critical. Rather, it is the understanding of the nature of the imbalance and then the balancing of one’s unique biochemistry that is the starting point for healing and true health.

Nutritional balancing draws from many branches of science. Incorporating knowledge from the fields of biochemistry, physiology, nutrition, stress theory, pathology and psychology, this science is a synthesis that draws together many ideas. It presents a new and expanded approach to healing and it involves a precise means of assessing and monitoring the condition of the body chemistry.  It also includes a new set of rules for interpreting hair mineral test results. Finally, it offers specific applications of diet, supplementary nutrients, detoxification protocols, mental and emotional suggestions, and more to raise one’s energy level and restore a more balanced chemistry.

How can it help me?


While conventional medicines and practices remedy many a condition or disease, and indeed cure them, often the results may only see short term effects, miss-target the underlying ailment or challenge the body through unwanted side effects from medication. Nutritional Balancing takes the approach of making a more subtle and fundamental change to the body's system which can lead to a more positive, profound and enduring effect on its general state of well-being and ability to counter illness, and deal with specific conditions.

This treatment programme is a non-invasive, safe approach to adjusting some of the bodies underlying chemistry, and while it may not be suitable for everyone's circumstance (eg advanced cancers and pregnancies are not advised) most anyone can benefit from it.

The changes that you may see, beyond any specific malady, are often the restoration of health, energy and vitality that once was the fortress that would have kept many an ailment at bay.

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