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Lots of rest and sleep, healthful habits of eating, working, thinking, behaviour, posture and exercise.

This is the single most important physical element of the new paradigm. If lifestyle is not healthful, the body will break down no matter how good the remedies, therapies, or other healing methods.  Balance in lifestyle is an important concept.

What Can I Do to Achieve That?


In principle it is simple: avoid toxic exposure, radiation from mobiles and similar devices, get plenty of sleep, eat heathily and exercise. However, achieving this, in reality, is often much harder, due to ingrained habits, negative behaviours, and social and work demands.

That said, knowing some simple adjustments to make can start the ball rolling and help to promote the uptake of other changes.

  • Sleep - try to get bed as early as you can with a view to getting at least 9 hours sleep which most people would benefit from, particularly those who are physically active. Nap when required and where practical.

  • Eating - meal times should be as relaxed as possible, chew at least 20 times per mouthful and try not to get up straight after finishing a meal, but wait at least 5 minutes to allow digestion to start effectively. Avoid eating when tense or 'on the run'.

  • Posture - try to sit upright when at a computer, and not too close to the screen, taking breaks where possible every hour to stretch the limbs. This may also apply to watching television, although the posture may be more relaxed during sitting.

  • Electomagnetic radiation - this applies to mobile and cordless phones and similar devices that emit strong radiation. The advice is to use them as little as possible and to use the speakerphone where you can, employing cordless headset / earphone over a directly connected, corded one.​

  • Exercise - gentle movements over exaggerated or strenous workouts are suggested here. Energy needs to be conserved for the body's healing as well.​​

  • Outlook - keeping a positive attitude and resisting harbouring resentments and other negative attiudes and behaviours will help to promote your overall health and well-being.​

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