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FAQ and Getting Started

Hair Sampling Kit and Instructions

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing Programme

What does Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis do?

Hair tissue mineral analysis measures the mineral content of the hair.  Hair is a soft tissue of the body and its mineral content reflects the functions of the body at the cellular level where all metabolic activity occurs.

Why are minerals important?

The relationships between minerals and other nutrients in our body determine how much energy we will have. By balancing these minerals, we can increase our cells' ability to release energy from food, and to use this energy to produce human energy. As energy increases, healing begins throughout the mind and body.

Why are the adrenal glands important?

Adrenal insufficiency is one of the most common imbalances today and is directly linked to a reduced production of the stress hormones, and therefore reduced production of adequate life energy.  energy is the source of all life and health and everything that happens in the body requires energy. Our bodies continually process food and convert it to energy in order to support vital life functions. Each cell must be able to produce energy for life.  Adrenal health is therefore very important.

What will a Nutritional Balancing Programme do for me?

A Nutritional Balancing Programme based on your hair tissue mineral analysis results will provide you with recommendations on the nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle recommendations required to address your particular needs for the purpose of reducing stress and enhancing adrenal activity. The recommended programme will also enhance your overall metabolism, and assist in the elimination of toxic metals whilst providing enhanced absorption and digestion of food.

How does my bio-chemistry affect me?

In every possible way.  Our bio-chemistry is affected by our thoughts and emotions, and our thoughts and emotions affect our bio-chemistry.  By changing and balancing either, we change and balance the other.  Sometimes it is easier to make changes to the more tangible, physical aspects of our being, as in our bio-chemistry.  Once we do that, the psychological and emotional changes usually follow quickly behind.

Can you help me deal with stressors?

​We believe we can.  Based on your results, we are also able to recommend lifestyle modifications to reduce harmful stressors, as well as techniques to improve your ability to cope with stress. These may include supporting you to identify stressors and where necessary make attitude adjustments, as for example, letting go of resentment, blame, attachments and fears, all of which strongly affects and deplete the adrenal glands.

So how do I start a Nutritional Balancing Programme?

Easily.  Once you have decided to embark on the programme, we will send you a Hair Sampling Instruction Kit for taking a hair sample to send to the lab.  The lab will then send us your results, which will be the basis for your Nutritional Balancing Programme.

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