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Common Imbalances

The  human  body is an astonishing  system  of  survival mechanisms  that activate immediately  when certain  system  failures  occur, which include psychological and emotional  mechanisms.


The survival mechanisms are complex in that they can collectively work in our favour or end up contributing  to our pain and suffering and a lifetime of studying the micro and macro biological and chemical  systems that engage when stress signals are transmitting in the body would not be enough to learn about it all.   What we do know, however, that by providing the body with what it needs, we can support it to return to a balanced and healthful state.

Adrenal Glands and Health


The role of stress on our health


The adrenals are a response organ to all manner of stresses that will occur in the body, be they physical, emotional or pscyhological; regulating energy production and storage, heart rate, muscle tone and immune function, in order to maintain homeostasis and correct body function. ​As the adrenal glands reduce in their hormonal secretions and overall effectiveness, changes will take place in the metabobilism of nutrients,  cardiovascular system, and fluid and electrolyte balance. The result of this is that you feel stress and consequently fatigue and weakness.


What is adrenal fatigue?


Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms, or syndrome, that occur when the adrenal glands function below the necessary capacity. It is often the result of prolonged stress or it may arise after acute or chronic infections, particularly respiratory-based ones. There may not be any outward signs of ill health, but a persistant feeling of tiredness, which is frequently mitigated with the use of stimulants, such as coffee and energy drinks, to prop oneself up.


Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a variable disorder, its symptoms are often severe mental and physical exhaustion, frequently followed by muscle and joint pain. Though the cause is not fully understood, it seems that CFS is often preceded by some type of infection or assault on the immune system. Treatment with various forms of psychological therapy, graded exercise, pain killers, diet, etc. have produced variable results.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized as an inflammatory disease, partly because its central symptom, physical fatigue, is associated with inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress. TNF is one of the three common inflammatory hormones produced by cells of the immune system, and its original name, cachexin, reflects its role in the wasting symptoms, cachexia, and exhaustion of terminal illness or abuse of methamphetamines. Increased levels of TNF are also typical for CFS and partially explain some of the symptoms of the disease.

Diabesity and diabetes

Diabesity, health problems ranging from mild insulin resistance to obesity and diabetis, is the greatest global health epidemic of our time and is one of the leading causes of heart diesease, stroke, cancer, dementia, cardiovascular disease, nervous system damage, blindness, periodontal disease,  and premature death in the world.  It also may be almost entirely preventable and curable as it is almost entirely caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.  


Insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome, syndrome X, adult-onset diabetes and type 2 diabetes all have the same underlying causes.


Diabetes, elevated blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol are symptoms that results from problems with diet, lifestyle, and environmental toxins interactings with our unique genetaic susceptibilities.

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