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Lila Hammond

Founder & President, Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Lila is a qualified Nutritional Balancing practioner, based in London.


She works closely with one of the leading authorities on adrenal fatigue and the science of Nutritional Balancing, Dr Wilson, and his team.


With a background in many practices of natural health and well-being, she brings a wealth of supportive knowledge to her approach.


Lila is very commited to understanding and providing care to her clients. She is meticulous in her work and in persuing the best results attainable.

"My interest in natural healing began with an awareness of the customs of indigenous peoples in Canada. I was born there to Slavic parents who had a strong psychic, Eastern European background. I grew up in India, where the high perfume in the air at dusk and the vibrant colours of life left an indelible imprint on my being. A close family friend and highly respected yogin was my initial mentor.

In pursuit of my desire to more deeply understand all factors contributing to human health and our connectedness to all of life, I studied Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Delhi. In the early 1990s I studied Astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies and at the College for Psychoanalytical Astrology in London. In London, I also studied Taoist healing and am a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung.

I began my training in energy healing with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and furthered my knowledge of energy work by undertaking a Diploma in Living Harmony from the The Living Harmony Foundation. I have also received the Template (and Worldbridger)codes, as transmitted in the sacred ceremonies and am a trained Awakening the Dream, Changing the Dreamer facilitator for the Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream Symposium.

I furthered my expertise by undertaking extensive training in shamanic healing.  I was initiated in the Peruvian Q’ero (Inka and Laika) lineage, with whom I also apprenticed.  I trained under Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. and Linda Fitch of the Four Winds Society. I am a graduate of their Healing the Light Body School, and have completed the Medicine Wheel and Master Classes in Reading the Signs of DestinyWalking with Protection, and Working with the Sacred. I have also received and am certified in transmitting the Munay Ki.

I am honoured to have studied and worked with so many amazing people, amongst whom are also Jorge Luis Delgado, Jose Luis Herrera, Valerie Niestrath and numerous medicine men and women in Peru, from all of whom I have had the privilege to learn the art and profound beauty of energy healing.

In further expanding my knowledge of integrative medicine, I trained with David Stevens and became a qualified practitioner of Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT), an outstanding treatment which balances the body's energy centres and by restoring harmony within the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical realms, brings about a healthful state.

I am also a qualified practitioner of Nutritional Balancing Science and work closely with Dr L Wilson and his team in providing the Development Programme.  Development is the activation of the full genetic potential of a human being and includes the most effective and up-to-date healthful programmes available in balancing and strengthening the body, as it improves the brain and nervous system, causing deep healing and life extension. The programme simultaneously enables the body to recover from and deal with various forms of adrenal burnout, so common in today's world. With stress of some kind or other often being the underlying element to any health imbalance, I have found that a crucial factor in maintaining and recovering health is addressing the effects of stress on the body, with the use of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and an individually tailored Nutritional Balancing Programme,  The Development programme provides the support the body needs to recover, rebuild and function optimally and evolve to its full potential.  A Nutritional Balancing Programme would be the essential foundation to healing.


During the last several years, I have also trained with Tom Campbell, author of My Big Toe, in his Intensive Immersion Seminars.

I live in London, where I work as a Nutritional Balancing Practitioner, CKT Therapist, Health and Life Coach and Counsellor, Shaman, Healing Facilitator and Teacher."


For information on treatments or to book a session, please go to our Contact page.

​"I feel a lot better since I have been on the Nutritional Balancing programme.  It has enabled me to become self-determined and to act on my desires and thoughts and I have recently even travelled to the rainforests of South America.  Working with Lila has changed my mental, emotional and physical well-being as well as the way I think and feel about nutrition.  Lila is open to discussing all aspects of health and nutrition and will take into consideration any concerns that I might have.​​"

                                         Carl B.

" I have had an amazing few days walking in the Derbyshire Peak District with my lovely husband.  I cannot believe how well I felt.  I started off with a 4.5 mile walk which is just a bit longer than I usually walk with our dog.  I came home feeling exhilerated and elated with slightly aching limbs but otherwise fine and I slept like a log!  The next day we increased the distance by a mile and I had a similar response so we pushed the boat out for the next couple of days and walked 6.5 miles each day.  I felt so liberated to be able to walk the way I used to it was fantastic.  ... I really do feel fine.  I am daring to believe that I have come out of the other end of burnout.


Don't get me wrong, I am still doing my enemas, diet and suanas, though I do those less frequently now, and I am making sure I stop and have a meditation break in the middle of the day.  The restult of sticking to the programme has paid dividends for me, no doubt about it....

In love and enduring gratitude"

Sarah W.

I've been continuing with my programme and the difference is pretty startling. I've got so much more energy - I'm in fact having to manage my energy so that I don't stay up till 2 in the morning! I was suffering with chronic fatigue so this is an absolute revelation. Thank you.


I've still got lots of food allergies and sensitivities, but I've only been on the programme a couple months and a total cure will of course take time. My anxiety levels are changeable, but I now have good days and even weeks. It's a wonderful thing to even have 'good' days. :) 

Kate T.

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