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Integrative and Natural Medicine

In our approach in working with clients, we apply Integrative Medicine through Nutritional Balancing Science - a blending of ancient and modern wisdom and healing modalities, the use of engineering concepts and the application of cybernetics and physics to biological systems - and its use of Nutrition and the Science of Balancing Body chemistry.

Lila Hammond

The paradigm


Conventional medicine is based on naming and classifying diseases, and prescribing and treating them primarily and mostly through toxic drugs and surgery.

On the other hand, the new paradigm in health and healing is safe, completely preventative, inexpensive and generally quite simple.  It is based on assessing the body as a whole, at deeper levels and then providing it with the nutrients it requires to rebalance, detoxify and rebuild.  This is all done with non-toxic or less toxic substances.


Health can be viewed as an expression of energy and vitality. All valuable and worthwhile human endeavours and experiences - such as love, understanding, creativity, productivity, drive and ambition necessitate an abundance of energy.  And in general, the more energy a person has, the more he or she has and expresses these experiences, as well as maintains their overall health, strength and vitality.

According to Dr Eck, the founder of Nutritional Balancing Science, the amount of energy an individual will have is determined by the relationship between minerals and other nutrients in their  body and tissues.


Nutritional balancing and hair tissue mineral analysis



A fundamental concept in understanding the factors that determine whether an individual remains healthy or becomes ill.

Each person has unique nutritional requirements.  



We at HealthOptimum apply the teachings of Dr Paul Eck, as expounded upon and further developed by Dr Lawrence Wilson.  The clinic works closely with Dr Wilson and his team and is dedicated to providing  the best available support and service in the field of integrative and natural medicine with emphasis on nutritional balancing as a foundation to health with its underlying role in overall well-being and healing of disease.

Lila Hammond



Nutritional balancing and hair tissue mineral analysis
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